Title None at this Point.
Gender Male
Race Not QUITE Human
Affiliation Pog, Kylor,
Ameria, Erif
Enemies N/a
Status Alive(Maybe?)
Location Can't say
Voiced By No one at this point

Artemis is the main hero of Avian Odyssey. An experienced traveller with a mysterious past, Artemis is on a personal quest for knowledge, which somehow leads him to joining "The Crew". Despite appearances, he is not QUITE Human....


Nothing is known of Artemis' personality at this point.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Artemis wields a sword, and is highly skilled.


Nothing is known of Artemis' past at this point, other than that it's a mystery, and that he's not exactly normal.


  • Artemis originally appeared as Matt's profile picture for many sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, deviantArt, and his own forums
  • As with other members of "The Crew", Artemis appears to be based on a class from RPGs. In particular the Hero stereo-class, which usually are sword wielders.

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