Bravoman Episode 5 Boss Bash

Bravoman Episode 5 Boss Bash

Boss Bash

This is episode 5 of the animated series



When Attack Bomber V9 attacks the city, Bravoman must learn how to take him down, with help from Alphaman and the Narrator.


  • This episode takes elements from the comic of the same name.
  • Bravoman refers to his sandwich as a 'samwich'.

Bravoman: Super Unequaled Cartoon of Excellence
Season 1

The Beginning and End of Bravoman, Perky Princess of Pointy Peril, Couch of Doom, Watching from the Shadows, Boss Bash, Laser Mummies from Beyond the Moon, The Secret Origin of Bravo Woman, Generic Winter Holiday Special, The Secret Society of Antagonists, Heavy Meta Mayhem, Bravo x Momo (Part 2 of 3), The Grand Prehistoric Space Hockey Adventure
Season 2 N/a