The Bravo-Corps!

The Bravo-Corps was a team made to stop the menace Zulu. Members include Bravoman (Leader), Anti-Bravoman, Bravowoman, and Braveman. Bravomaster is an arguable member, as he is the combination of the members. Wonder Momo was originally meant to be a member, but due to an error, Braveman was summoned instead.


The Bravo Corps was started when Alphaman "Telebeamed" Earth's strongest heroes to Planet Alpha to help Bravoman fight the monsterous Zulu. They combined into the colossal fusion Bravo Master, and vanquished Zulu into the sun of Planet Alpha.

They were later reformed during The Death of Bravoman when Zulu came to Earth to initiate the end of the comic, now fused with Dr. Bomb. Waya Hime joined the new fusion into Bravo Master, creating the Shinobi Essence Custom variant. Using the power of the Bravo Buster Zulu was defeated again, but the comic ended anyway.

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