Title None at this point
Gender Male
Race Thorian
Affiliation Artemis, Pog,
Ameria, Erif
Enemies N/a
Status Alive
Location Can't say
Voiced By No one at this point
Kylor is a four-armed berserker barbarian of the Thorian race. He's "The Crew"'s weaponsmith, and back-up muscle. He appears in Avian Odyssey.


It can be assumed Kylor is rash, hot blooded and possibly uneducated.

Weapons & AbililtiesEdit

Kylor possess a Hammer to use in battle, and also is very strong. He is also a blacksmith. As with all Thorians, he has four-arms, thus giving him an advantage in battle.


Nothing is known off Kylor's past.


  • As with other members of "The Crew", Kylor appears to be based on a class from RPGs. In particular the Berserker stereo-class, which they are brutal and swift raiders who ravage places with any weapon.

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