"All humans beware... The mammal uprising is at hand!!!"

Lord Vaykrom, in The Secret Society of Antagonists

Lord Vaykrom
Title Absolute Emperor of Subterranean Armadillos
Gender Male
Race Armadillo-man
Affiliation Subterranean Armadillo Empire
Enemies Bravoman
Status Alive
Location Earth, Subterranean Empire
Voiced By N/a
Lord Vaykrom is the ruler of the subterranean armadillo empire.


Whenever Lord Vaykrom speaks, he does so using tangible subtitles which are only readable from one angle. He is also heavily determined to oversee the mammal uprising on earth.


Lord Vaykrom first made his debut joining "The Secret Society of Antagonists", swearing to defeat Bravoman and let mammals rule the Earth. However, he left after discovering that humans are also mammals.

Toy InformationEdit

In series, the Lord Vaykrom action figure appeared in the "Bravoman Action Figures" Series 5. He came included with a Digging Drill Sword.

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