"The Fance Dance of Strength is the ultimate display of a daimyo's power!"

Pistol Daimyo, in Super Fan

Pistol Daimyo
Title High-Flying Feudal Lord
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Karasu Tengu Dojo,
Waya Hime,

Crow Demons

Enemies Bravoman,
Status Alive
Location Earth, Karasu Tengu Dojo
Voiced By N/a

Pistol Daimyo is the ruler of the Karasu Tengu Dojo and its ninjas. There are many Karasu Tengus that serve under him.


Pistol Daimyo, though wacky at times, is a very focused and strict ninja master. He has been shown to be very traditional, and believes in the value of genuine ninjas. He also appears to be a very big fan of Bravoman, but in actuality he just used Bravoman as a stepping ladder in order to make his own game.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Feudal Fan Dance: Pistol has mastered an ancient art of "fan-dancing" which always him to fly in the air, despite the absurdity of it.
  • Head Cannon: He wears a giant pistol strapped to his head which can fire cannonball like bullets.


Under Construction


In the original game, Pistol Daimyo was a robot who flew with the use of fans on his feet and had a pistol attached to his head, and served as a boss.

Pistol Daimyo had his own spin-off game made in 1990 called "Pistol Daimyo no Boken" ("The Adventures of the Pistol Feudual Lord"). This is shown in the webcomic in Daimyo Dealings , when Bravoman gives Daimyo a Namco business card, with the belief that they would not make the game (which they did). Bravoman then buys and plays the game.


  • In Matt Moylan's commentary, it was revealed that Pistol Daimyo only really hopes to use Bravoman to get his own popularity.

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