Title None at this point
Gender Male
Race Saurian
Affiliation Artemis, Kylor,
Ameria, Erif
Enemies N/a
Status Alive
Location Can't say
Voiced By No one at this point

This curmudgeonly Saurian misses the old days when things were "Better Dangnabbit!". He's the quartermaster, and though he always has the crew's best interests at heart, he's been known to swing some strange deals to get the supplies he needs. He appears in Avian Odyssey.


Of what is known, Pog is gruff, but he always cares for his Crew.

Weapons & AblilitesEdit

Pog does not appear to have any weapons, but it can be assumed he is skilled in fighting. He has good management skills, and possibly is also good at bargaining.


Not much is known about Pog, other than that he has made numerous shady deals in the past.


  • N/a

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