aka Matthew

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Thailand, currently visiting America
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is Homeschooler
  • I am Male
  • HoshinoKaabi

    Just thought I'd make a blog post to start stuff up. Well so I'd like to introduce my self. I'm HoshinoKaabi founder of this Wiki. I'm a Super Unequaled fan of Bravoman, but I also like Kirby(As You can tell), Legend of Zelda, Mario, Megaman, Klonoa, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. I discovered Bravoman during late Early 2013 on Shiftylook. After reading the most recent Klonoa entry I started checking out the other comics. I clicked on the Comic List, and the first one eye's fell upon was Bravoman. So I clicked it, backed up the Page 1 and started reading. It was Super Unequaled. Nothing could compare to it. So some time afterwards I decided to search to see if there was a Wiki for it. I found one, but when I clicked on it, it broght me to the "Cre…

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