"Aw, that's SO sweet of you to say... I'm totally gunna stab you with them!"

Waya Hime, in Pointy Princess

Waya Hime
Title Ninja Princess with Bladed Hearts
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Dr. Bomb,
Pistol Daimyo
Enemies Bravoman,
Bravowoman (until Bravoman comes clean)
Status Alive
Location Earth, Karasu Dojo
Voiced By Romi Dames

Waya Hime is one of Pistol Daimyo's ninjas who works for Dr. Bomb.


Waya Hime first appeared during Anti-Bravoman's monologue. She then went to confront Bravoman, and started flirting with him, but then proceeded to try to kill him. Bravoman told her that her dress made her look fat, and she left crying. She reappeared alongside Benjamin trying to get revenge on Bravoman. Due to art constraints, she wasn't able to fight in the battle. She was later seen dragging Benjamin away after he was defeated.

She then appeared later stalking Bravoman, and asked him on a date. Due to his horror he wasn't able to answer. She interpreted this as him not denying, and then told him to meet her at the Karasu Dojo. She was apparently locked away by Pistol Daimyo due to flirting with her target. Bravoman decides to save her so he can set things straight. Bravoman panics and lies to her saying he is married to Bravowoman. She then leaves to find and kill Bravowoman.

Some time later, Waya starts a fight with Bravowoman. Bravoman clears the whole thing up, and Waya says that she thinks they'll get together someday, much to Bravoman's dismay. She reappears in the Ninja Arc as the third and final Trial. Bravoman walks into her room causing her to get excited, as she goes for the kill she gets distracted by her Bravoman plushies which she tears apart Bravoman removes his suit. Waya Hime (not knowing its Bravoman) is tricked into thinking Bravoman left to start a candle lit dinner. She makes a cameo appearance when Bravoman takes the Census.

Bravoman: Binja BashEdit

Waya appears as a playable character with her own story, involving a date with Bravoman.


  • Waya Hime got a lock of Bravoman's hair as her present from Alpha Claus.
  • Waya Hime is shown to be best friends with Valkyie, the main character of the Valkryie web comic.
  • In her appearance in Namco × Capcom, Waya Hime is revealed to be a highly advanced android created by Dr. Bomb, who even views her as a daughter. However, she is indeed human within the webcomic, as the creators weren't told about the back-story prior to creating the comic .
  • In Namxo × Capcom, Waya Hime's eyes are blue, but in the comic, the color was changed to green.

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