"My name is Zortan. I will give you death."

— Zortan's only line

Title N/a
Gender Male(programming)
Race Robot
Affiliation Dr. Bomb
Enemies Bravoman
Status Alive
Location N/a
Voiced By N/a

Zortan is a robot henchman who was sent to kill Bravoman by Dr. Bomb.


Zortan seems to lack personality beyond repeating his name and that he will give you death. However, he is seen playing BravoQuest with Anti-Bravoman and Camo in Interrobang, so he could have a nice side.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight: Zortan has the ability to fly due to the strange thrusters on his waist, which grants him great maneuverability.
  • Spear Blasts: He also has what resembles a harpoon that can fire energy blasts and can form a shield in front of himself.


  • His speech bubbles are unique, as they are red with white text.
  • His original game design resembled more of that of a harpy.

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